Michael Jackson Still Alive?

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A video has surfaced in which a person resembling Michael Jackson jumps out of the back of a Coroner’s car. The person’s head was covered by a black piece of cloth. Michael has used this method in the past to hide from the camera’s.

We would have dismissed this as a wacko conspiracy theory al-la “Elvis lives”, but upon careful investigation of the clip under magnification, we discover that the licence plate numbers of the coroner’s car that transported Michael Jackson’s alleged dead body to the Coroner’s office and the licence plate number of the Coroner’s car in the video are identical.

Identical licence plates

Identical licence plates

Many questions are raised by the video footage below. If it is not fake (as in staged), we ask:

1. What is a living person doing in the back of a Coroner’s car?
2. Why is the identity of this living person deliberately concealed?

If it is staged, we ask:

1. Why would this video be staged? It appears to be Michael Jackson. The person in the clip is of his approximate height and he is very slim. His agility is on a par with Michael Jacksons’ and the way of covering his face is similar to what Michael Jackson has used in the past. Is it a sick joke by some Coroner’s staff members? Was it a way for Michael Jackson to escape his 400 million dollar debt? Was this done as part of a “witness protection plan” for some reason? Will he spend the rest of his life under a new identity in an Arab country? (Michael Jackson is a muslim after converting to Islam).

2. Why hasn’t the Coroner’s office been contacted about their cruel hoax?

The mainstream media has headings like:

Michael Jackson Still Alive At Coroner’s Office?

The journalist who wrote the article did not bother to research the fact but makes a snide remark on how “Elvis would still be alive”, and that “this case almost certainly has nothing to do with Michael Jackson”. Why on Earth a Coroner’s vehicle is transporting a living person with a deliberately covered up face, a person which looks like Jackson’s spitting image (apart from his face), in the same car that transported Jackson’s body. The mainstream media isn’t interested in calling the Coroner’s office and asking why they transport very-alive people with blankets over their faces who look like Michael Jackson. No, that’s totally uninteresting because “We all know Michael Jackson is dead”. A classical case of “Don’t confuse us with the facts – our mind is made up”.

The plot thickens:

Michael Jackson’s “dead” body was MOVING in the helicopter that evacuated him!

You can see that whoever is in that body bag moves his head and shoulders up, a few seconds into the video.


Hubcaps of the Coroner's cars

Hubcaps of the Coroner's cars

People have pointed out that there is writing under the licence plate of the car that picked up Michael’s dead body, and that the car that allegedly delivered a living Michael Jackson to the Coroner’s office had no such writing. They also say that the former car had silver hub caps, and the latter had no hub caps. Others say they examined to footage closely and they say it is impossible to see such details. Others say that the word “Coroner” is written in different fonts, yet critics of this claim say that this only appears so due to the different angle of the shot. A cell phone camera would not be able to pick up such small writing at such a long distance at such bad lighting conditions. Even people who say they think it’s a hoax have examined both footage and say the cars are identical in every detail, including tail lights, lettering and everything else.

Some say that Michael Jackson’s body was transported in plain daylight, and that the “Michael Jackson alive” video was shot at night. Not so, because the footage was shot in the Coroner’s underground parking garage.

What would have been the motive?

Some say that because the state of California was breaking down financially, and because Michael Jackson’s death brought billions of dollars to the state, that Michael Jackson’s faked death somehow is part of a conspiracy for that reason. We doubt that his death gave California a significant financial advantage.

E’Casanova as Michael Jacksons body double?

E'Casanova with Michael Jackson

E'Casanova with Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson, deceased?

Last Photo of Michael Jackson Dead

A new development in the story alleges that E’Casanova, Michael Jackson’s lookalike, was the dead body and not Michael himself. The suspicion has been raised because on August 1, the day of Michael’s death, E’Casanova cancelled his Twitter account and nothing has been heard from him since.

Update: It all was a cruel hoax