Karate instructor/Marine Sgt. Bobby Joe Blythe let Willie J. Dennis murder a schizophrenic

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Warning: This clip is highly disturbing.

This video is known on the net as the “Jesus taught me” clip.

This happened in a Karate Dojo owned by Sergeant Bobby Joe Blythe (6th degree black belt at the time) allegedly on December 13, 1984, where  US Marines and police officers in training first make fun of a mentally handicapped homeless man, and then challenge him to a fight. The schizophrenic man thinks he is a “tenth redbelt” and that “Jezus taught him”. He says he does not want to fight but just show some “spiritual” moves. He is ridiculed and attacked by Willie Dennis, a student of Blythe, the dojo’s  owner. The mentally ill man tells his sparring partner, a recently promoted black belt and Navy Marine, that he will merely demonstrate, not touch him. The marine, Willie J Dennis, is not content with that and proceeds to attack the schizophrenic, who holds his own with funny moves for a while and even manages to get Dennis on his butt. Throughout the altercation, the murdered man can be heard to say thing like: “I am not a fighter” and “I don’t wish to hurt you” and “stop”.

Dennis, clearly ashamed at this, proceeds to kill the man in ruthless fashion. The mentally ill man senses the danger and says he doesn’t want to fight any more. He asks to stop a few times. Dennis kicks him to the ground and stomps repeatedly on his head until blood spurts out and the schizophrenic dies of massive brain hemmorage. His head hit a bolt in the floor. The classical “snorting” common in unconcious, dying people can be heard, the limbic nervous system is still trying to breathe, while the rest of the brain is already dead. Some commenters mistakenly believe the victim merely broke his ribs, neck or jaw or that he had difficulty breathing due to a crushed  windpipe or adam’s apple. No, this is a well-known occurence with massive brain damage, this “death snore” is called agonal breathing.

Bobby Joe Blythe

Bobby Joe Blythe

The openly amused onlookers then crack jokes and drag the dying, bleeding man to a garbage container and dump him in. They film the whole thing and seem very proud and happy with themselves. Blythe and Dennis were investigated but never even charged for this appaling crime, but the United States was very racist in the mid eighties and white society considered black people, especially mentally ill black people, to be dispensable. So the killers were never convicted. There are conflicting opinions about the statute of limitations in this case, but not many believe that Blythe and Dennis will be prosecuted – especially not because Blythe reportedly has friends amongst the local police. Blythe said, when questioned about this incident, that the victim was an annoying bum that hung around “their” shopping centre and that nobody should be surprized when clowns like that end up in a dumpster: This dummy was in my shopping center while I was on a Bodyguard Job in Washington, DC. This guy was in the Pizza Hut eating pizza off the plates of others and the Pizza Hut Manager ran him out with a pistol. Later the very same day, police officers were called to remove him from a nearby pharmacy after having been caught reaching into customer’s purses. A short time after that, he visited a Napa Auto Parts store next to my Karate Dojo and told the management he planned on teaching in that Dojo and that Jesus taught him. ‘The Napa guys told him he was confused (their polite way of warning the man against such action), but not wanting to miss a show, they told the man they would close early just to watch and that he must not know the owner, which is nobody to play with.. Needless to say, the police pulled him out of the dumpster behind my Karate Dojo where he was neatly placed. Semper Fi to all my Marine brothers. The karate student in the white is also a Marine Sgt. and a brand new Black Belt. Never get stupid with a Marine, you could get jacked up and have your clock stopped.'”

Karate practitioners have commented on the skills of the murderer, Willie Dennis. They say that he by far did not exhibit the skills of a black belt. He kept stomping his victim in the head even after he lost conciousness.

These thugs give the Martial Arts a bad name and brought dishonor to the US Marine corps. Every one present should be brought to justice. Blythe  deleted his Wikipedia page and erased all his accounts and profiles online. In the YouTube video (account deleted) they boast, gloat and brag about the blood trail and film it in great detail. We are looking forward to read the obituaries of eveyone involved.

What is even more disconcerting is the fact that it appeared that the disposal of the body was standard operating procedure. All participants in the crime acted as if this was something they did habitually. Bobby Joe himself said he soon would upload a similar video. Noone even suggested helping the dying man, instead he was immediately disposed of, without the slightest nervousness in any of the criminals in the video. Was this an isolated incident or are there more such lynching video’s? Joe Blythe worked as a crop duster and flight instructor in Dumfries, Virginia. Joe himself denies that the murder victim is dead. “They took him to a mental institution somewhere in Virginia”.

The current address of the Dojo’s owner is said to be Bobby Joe Blythe, 989 Robin CT, Hanford, California.

Home: 559-584-9315
Fax: 559-584-2005
Cell: 559-381-3617
Email: cfiblythe@aol.com

Willie J Dennis

Willie J Dennis

The killer, Willie J. Dennis, was up for assault on the 18th of this month on an unrelated charge which shows that this man is still killing and maiming people.

Updates: The female in the video is the wife of the local sherrif and the students are trainee officers. This explains why it was swept under the carpet 25 years ago. Law enforcement shows no interest in persecuting this matter further, so it appears vigilante justice might be served. Note how his home is very close to a highway. Very easy to get away.

Some say this incident happened well after 1984: “Bobby Blythe was not transferred to the location of the assault until 1991 and he mentions getting an email in the video so it was 1991 or later.” There may be a point – the video may have been edited to make any statue of limitations apply.

An investigation has been initiated!

Update: Sources in the medical- and law enforcement community tell us that indeed, the victim must have died. The “snoring” at the end is so-called agonal breathing, and a sign of massive brain damage and impending death.