Aimee Louise Sword did not rape her “10 year old son”

Aimee Louise Sword

Aimee Louise Sword

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The story is all over the web: “Mother hunts down ten year old son to rape him”. She’s been arrested in April this year and faces a maximum of 15 years in prison, apart from the fact that she will be a registered sex offender for life and never be able to find a job again. Dr. Gerald Shiener, chief of Consultation and Liaison Psychiatry at Sinai Grace Hospital in Detroit said in a Fox News interview that this was by far the most heinous crime in his career, which included a serial killer that slashed people’s throats. Michigan’s 35 year old Aimee Louise Sword was initially charged with three cases of rape of a minor, but this was quickly reduced to a single case of “Third degree criminal sexual conduct“.  She is free on a modest bail. Aimee set up a MySpace account under the name of Aimee Pope, and we use some of her pictures here with the best intentions. We took that liberty because the mainstream media is doing the same, with the goal of making advertizing money off a hyped-up salacious scandal story full of deliberate errors and omissions. We did what the journo’s and sensation bloggers should have done and dug for the truth.

First of all, Aimee did not “track down” her son: His familiy’s social worker asked his permission to find her, because he was getting unmanageable at home and they hoped his real mother might be able to set him straight. Secondly, her son was not 10 years old: He was 15 – she put him up for adoption ten years ago, when he was 5. Thirdly, she did not “rape” him: he apparently coerced her into it and she gave in due to the feeling of guilt of having him put up for adoption. Mothers have a strong bond with such young children and the emotional pain must have been insufferable.


Aimee was being exploited by various “driveby” dads at the time and having some problems of  herself, she could not take proper care of her son. She made a responsible choice and found a better home for him. What is the reality of this story? We won’t find it in the haphazzardly thrown-together sleaze the media likes to pump out. “Don’t bother us with the details, we have a scoop!”


The original press article mentions that her son wasn’t ten but fifteen. Not only that, this teenager was a gangbanger. He had been repeatedly in trouble with the law. He likely used anabolic steroids. Most likely, as most criminal juveniles his age, he already had a wild sexlife. Agressive, early-matured boys at that age are at their sexual prime, and guys with a criminal record and who even threaten their parents don’t exactly take no for an answer when they try to get into a girl’s pants. So much for the “Permanent emotional damage of the little boy that so cruelly lost his virginity by a perverse incest rape” that the prosecution alleges. As far as we know, it was him who demanded the sex, not his biological mother. And she conceded partly due to guilt, partly out of fear of losing contact with her son forever and last but not least, partly because she was asked by his adoptive parents, the social workers and her son’s shrink to make an attempt to bring him to his senses – or he would face juvenile detention. She was desperate to do whatever it took to save her son from jail.

Is Aimee Louise Sword a pedophile?


Aimee Louse Sword getting tatooed

Look at her. Is this a pedophile predator? She seems to have no problem getting adult male attention, and clearly enjoys it. A pity we have no picture of her “raped” son, because we strongly suspect that he looks similar in maturity to this tattoo artist. Poor child. His tender soul will never recover from banging this MILF he has no emotional bond with and wouldn’t even recognize as his biological mother. When a man violently rapes an underage girl, it is a despicable crime. When an adolescent horny young man manipulates a woman he has no relationship with into sex, it is worse for that woman than for him, if that woman is his mother and is desperately trying to establish a rapport with him. He certainly isn’t being raped in the ethical, moral sense. We sometimes forget that the Law is there to fairly enforce the morals of society, not to be politically correct. The Law should concern themselves with the spirit of the law, not blindly follow its letter.

However, extremist feminism and political correctness make us treat “statutory rape” cases equal, regardless of which gender is the “rapist”, what the relationship was between the parties and how much emotional or physical damage was inflicted. This is an abomination. There were other cases where a gang of youths coerced a not-so-bright teacher into gangbanging them, and hey presto, the woman gets plastered all over the Internet as one of the worst serial rapists in history – and she’ll spend her prime years in jail.

Meanwhile, “Aimee Pope” gives some insight on her MySpace page:


Of course it wasn’t mentioned by the mainstream sleaze media, but Aimee remarks on August 23: “I know what you did and what you said to those folks but still… I love you!” Implying that her son did something wrong (who could have thought, with a criminal record, threatening his adoptive parents, persuading his biological mom to have sex with him and a bipolar diagnosis from his psychiatrist..) Aimee’s short message says it all. She loves her son and forgives his transgressions, even when directed at her. Instead of a predator, she may be the prey.

Update: many people are supporting Aimee Sword:

Stephanie Ramirez said, “Me and my family have known aimee for 30 years and she would never do such a thing like this. Obviously the facts and details are not known yet. She is innocent. Aimee if you read this me and my family are behind you all the way. if you need me get ahold of me you know where my mother lives im just around the corner. Keep your head up.”